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Aloha, e komo mai. Let me briefly share with you my journey into holistic healing.


Many moons ago, I studied hairdressing and esthetics. After working in the field I found it wanting; for me the industry lacked the soul and substance I desired, so I moved on.......

In 1997 I decided to study herbal medicine and recieved the title Chartered Herbalist from Dominion Herbal College (Burnaby, B.C.)

For years I worked in health food stores and a holistic pharmacy but eventually pulled away from the retail world to work hands-on, one on one with people. 

I took up Reflexology and later became a Reiki practioner and Registered Massage Therapist. While I was studying, I became acquainted with Lomilomi lapa'au, a form of traditional Hawai'ian healing. I fell in love immediately and decided to follow the path myself. I studied here informally as well as with Essential Bodywork (Australia)

I soon felt the need to go to the source of this beautiful healing tradition and dive into its mysteries.

Eventually I fulfilled a dream and travelled to Pahoa, Hawai'i to study with kahuna/kumu/kahus Harry Uhane Jim and Sila Lehua Jim, receiving certifications from the Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa'au. 


It was a journey of self discovery and healing. I aim to provide the same for others through my work.


I have continued my studies with the Halau and became a kumu (teacher) and kahu (lightkeeper, source) of the Uhane lineage.


'Mana nalu', the name I have chosen to represent my work has, like most Hawai'ian words, a many layered meaning. Simply translated, it means 'spirit wave' or 'wave of power' which I believe illustrates, in a poetic way what is occuring during a healing session. 

I currently treat here in Toronto, using the many skills I have acquired and continue to study the healing ways and philosophies of Hawai'i and her beloved people. I also offer workshops in Toronto and abroad, upon request.



Mahalo nui loa for your interest.


Deepest aloha and many blessings,



Christina Schlegel RMT






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